Standard/Platinum membership benefit


Membership Stage 1 Access Loyalty Bonus GG Class GG Store Rabbit Hunting Splash / River card Squeeze / Custom Avatar
Platinum Unlimited Tiered Rewards Free 20% Discount YES YES
Standard 1 TIME
(once a day)
NO Free 20% Discount YES YES


Only Platinum Members receive a Loyalty bonus based on the number of membership purchases made according to the tiers below. Tickets are automatically credited on the day of your renewal.

  • 1 Time: 1x Final Stage Ticket
  • 2-4 Times: 3x Final Stage Tickets
  • 5-7 Times: 6x  Final Stage Tickets
  • 8-10 Times: 9x Final Stage Tickets
  • 11-12 Times: 12x Final Stage Tickets
  • More than 13 Times: 13x Final Stage Tickets

(Membership Upgrade/Downgrade is excluded from the count)

Final Stage Re-Entry

Platinum Members are able to Re-Enter with the Final Stage Ticket.

Standard Members are not able to Re-Enter.