Chat abuse/harassment/collusion. How to report?

As per our Terms of Service. You can take screenshots, report the time and date and members nicknames or playerIDs and report to

Chat Policy

We strive to maintain a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for our members. While we cannot be held responsible for the conduct of any member, we do reserve the right to refuse use of our Site to anyone who violates our code of conduct.

The following is deemed inappropriate conduct:
a. Collusion with another member of any sort or any other form of cheating.
b. Agreeing to take any action when there is another member all-in.
c. Telling anyone your down cards before a hand is complete.
d. Needlessly stalling the action in a game.
e. Selling Tournament tickets for cash.
f. Attempting in any way to induce a member to leave a game to play in another.
Members conducting chats that are deemed inappropriate or abusive (in Company’s sole discretion) may have chat privileges revoked temporarily or permanently. This behavior includes (but is not limited to):
a. Verbally threatening any member or employee or using profanity or obscene language.
b. Making statements that could unfairly influence the action in a game (e.g., telling a member he has made the wrong hand).
c. Chatting in any language other than English during game play (trivial exceptions will be made).
d. Begging other members for Tournament tickets.
e. Advertising websites or other commercial services.
f. Typing words, characters or phrases that make it difficult for others to use the chat feature.
g. Spamming tables with announcements the Company deems inappropriate.
h. Coaching members or suggesting how others should play their hand with respect to another member’s hands.
Management reserves the right to make decisions regarding any member’s chat behavior in its sole discretion. The decision of our management is final. When reporting member behavior that violates our code of conduct or reporting game concerns to member services, members should include table and hand numbers to indicate when and where the violation or problem took place.